About Us

This is the part of their website where most companies will wax lyrical about their qualities: real or imaginary. But in a world where every company is dynamic, forward-thinking, responsive and client-focused, what makes us any different? We thought we’d leave it to one of our clients to say:

“Subadra is a can-do company” Terry Walden, BP Oil

We certainly aren’t the biggest company in our sector. Instead, we pride ourselves on being able to offer the expertise of a large company, but with the personal touch of a small one. It’s likely the person you initially discuss your requirements with will be the person who then manages your project – from start to finish – and may well be the person you meet out on your site taking samples for you. Now isn’t that different?

Photos used on our website have been taken by Daniel Apodaca,   Martin Wessely, Trent Erwin, Patrick Hendry, AK楼N CakinerHenry & Co. , sergio souza , Alejandro Escamilla and Annie Spratt. We’d like to say thanks to them all for letting us use their images.

What We Do

We’d like to think we do pretty much anything to do with the ground. We carry out land surveys or underground utility surveys. We have drill rigs for constructing boreholes and water wells. We can check your site for buried obstructions and for unexploded ordnance. We can install ‘green’ technology such as ground source heat pumps or thermal stores. We can assess ground from an environmental or a geotechnical viewpoint, or both. We can carry out your due diligence if you are buying a property portfolio. We can assess your site for temporary foundations, e.g. for a crane, or we can design permanent foundations, from simple footings to complex piled solutions. We can analyse soil and water samples and we can classify your waste. We can carry out complex, three dimensional modelling of contaminant movements through the ground to see if your site poses a risk to its neighbours. We can clean up contaminated land using a wide range of technologies, some unique to us. And if all else fails and you find yourself in court, we can provide you with an expert witness to advise you on any and all of the above.

In short, if it is ground-related then we can.


James Edley, Managing Director

James joined Subadra in 2000. He is responsible for the day to day management of the site investigation and risk assessment teams and is account manager for major oil company contracts.

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Duncan Eastland, Director

Duncan founded Subadra in 1993 and was its Managing Director until 2021.

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Kate Clark, Laboratory Manager

Kate runs our inhouse laboratory, FastAnalysis.co.uk

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Angus Gale, Director

Angus joined Subadra in 1996 and now manages all our drilling operations.

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We’re never happy with the status quo. We like to believe that there is always a way of improving what we do. And so we are always striving to innovate, to find new solutions and to provide a better service.

Over the years we have notched up more than our fair share of ‘firsts’. We were the first UK consultancy to use risk based corrective action methods for assessing contamination. We pioneered the use of eductors for removing volatile hydrocarbons from groundwater. We were the first to use hydrofracturing for enhancing groundwater treatment in chalk. We developed a state of the art information management system that ensures we always have access to the most relevant information. We are the only people able to carry out UXO surveys using our inhouse developed drive-in magnetometer system. The list could go on.

While our larger, international competitors sit back and churn out the same old same old, we refuse to sit still.

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Subadra Consulting Ltd,
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+44 (0) 1296 739400