Our laboratory offers a wide range of analysis for both soil and water samples. We are accreditted by UKAS  to ISO17025 for selected soil and water analysis and to  MCerts standard for selected soil analyses (UKAS accreditation number 2628). We pride ourselves on fast turnaround with over 90% of our samples analysed and reported within 5 working days (1st Q 2018). For analysis we don’t offer in house, we maintain close links with a number of specialist external laboratories. Thus, whatever your testing requirements are, we are able to help you.

Our laboratory has also developed sophisticated forensic analysis techniques for determining the source and age of fuel in soil and groundwater. Click here The Role of Forensic Analysis in In Situ Remediation if you’d like to download a case study of how this information can be used.

Our laboratory participates in PT Schemes (sometimes known as Contest Schemes). Each participating laboratory ‘blind’ tests samples provided by the scheme organiser. The results from these tests are used to compare the accuracy of their testing, with the results only being known by the laboratory. We believe our clients should have access to these data and so we publish our last three PT Scheme scores on every laboratory report we issue.

Contact – Email: Kate Clark  Tel: 01296 739423