About Us

This is the part of their website where most companies will wax lyrical about their qualities: real or imaginary. But in a world where every company is dynamic, forward-thinking, responsive and client-focused, what makes us any different? We thought we’d leave it to one of our clients to say:

“Subadra is a can-do company” Terry Walden, BP Oil

We’d also like to think that our track record speaks for itself. For example, when a consortium of nine oil companies needed someone to investigate and remediate their fuel depots at Heathrow prior to them being demolished to make way for Terminal Five, they came to us. We completed this major project ahead of time and under budget.

We certainly aren’t the UK’s biggest company. Instead, we pride ourselves on being able to offer the expertise of a large company, but with the personal touch of a small one. It’s likely the person you discuss your project with initially will be the person who then manages your project from start to finish and may well be the person you meet out on site taking samples for you. Now isn’t that different?


Pictures: All the photographs used in our website blog were taken by members of staff. Some are easily recognisable for what they are – surveying, an aerial shot of an oil terminal etc – while others are less obvious – the rusted end of a tank, the cut ends of a below ground network of treatment ducts or a sample of chalk.