Consultancy Services

Due Diligence/Pre-Acquisition

We provide comprehensive due diligence advice for property acquisitions ranging from single sites to portfolios of hundreds of sites. Our bespoke Prism software allows us to seamlessly access both in-house and third party data sources, rapidly assessing the risk posed by legacy issues, such as subsidence from mining, or current ones, such as flooding, ensuring that you are aware of any potential geotechnical or environmental liabilities prior to your purchase of the site(s).

Phase I Desk Studies

A Phase I Desk Study (also known as a Preliminary Risk Assessment) is often the first step in any project. Using our bespoke Prism software, we are able to quickly and efficiently review available historical, geological and hydrogeological records in order to provide the right information to support your planning application.

At this stage we are able to determine the likely cost of any further investigation that might be required, providing both clients and regulators with the information they need to take the project to the next stage.

Phase II Geo-Environmental Investigations

We offer a unique site investigation service, operating all our own equipment and offering a range of drilling techniques including percussive, DirectPush, hollow stem rotary, rock coring, duplex and DTH hammer. By using our own equipment rather than relying on third party contractors, we are able to ensure that the quality of the service we provide, saving you both time and money.

Our site investigation teams work closely with our testing laboratory and our consultants and design engineers to ensure that each investigation meets both environmental and geotechnical requirements.

All our site investigation and laboratory data can be provided in AGS4 format.

3D Fate-Transport Modelling and Quantitative Risk Assessment

We were the first consultancy in the UK to make use of Risk-Based Corective Action techniques to assess whether the contaminants we have identified on site will require treatment. We use a wide range of models including RTM, CLEAConsim and RBCA/Risc.

We are able to choose the most appropriate model(s) for your site, modifying it where necessary to conform with UK standards thus ensuring that the results are more likely to be accepted by the regulatory authorities.

We have previously contributed to the Environment Agency’s assessments of a number of these models.

Phase III Remediation – Options Appraisal and Implementation

We have probably designed, installed and operated more in situ soil and groundwater treatment systems than any other company in the UK. We work with you to integrate any remedial solution into your site’s normal operations, minimising any disruption and consequent loss of income.

We have experience in techniologies including soil vacuum extraction, groundwater pump and treat, air sparging, in situ chemical oxidation, and bioremediation.

We also offer an independent oversight of remedial works being carried out by others, giving you peace of mind that you are getting what you’ve paid for.

Incident Response

The key to minimising the impact of any leak or spill is to respond quickly. We can do this because we use our own drill rigs and remediation trailers, rather than having to organise and rely on third party contractors. Our laboratory can analyse soil and groundwater samples, often on a next day basis, to allow us to rapidly delineate and contain any contaminant plume. If needed, we can then design, install and operate a longer term remedial solution for you. Having worked on projects ranging from domestic heating oil spills to the clean-up of aviation fuel in soil and groundwater at major airports, we are confident that we have the right solution for you.

Waste Classification

Our UKAS and MCerts accreditted laboratory,, offers a full waste classification service, from sampling on site through WAC laboratory analysis to full waste classification and advice in accordance with WM3.

Foundation Design

Our Chartered Engineers have over 30 years experience providing cost-effective bespoke foundation solutions appropriate the the ground conditions and the proposed development. We design everything from simple trench footings and structural rafts to complex piled solutions and retaining walls sufficient to obtain Building Control approval.

We can assist in specifying and verifying ground improvement options as well as assessing the influence of trees, heave/settlement, landfill gas and radon mitigation measures. We can also determine the correct concrete specification for use in high sulphate or other aggressive ground conditions.

Environmental Statements

We can provide appropriate text detailing site history, geology, hydrogeology and hydrology for inclusion in your Environmental Statement for planning purposes.

DSEAR Inspections

We carry our DSEAR (Dangerous Substance and Explosive Atmosphere Regulation 2002) inspections of retail filling station sites in accordance with the British Standard BS EN 60019-17. These can be combined with groundwater sampling and/or gas monitoring of wells previously installed at the site to provide a comprehensive annual healthcheck of your retail filling station network.

Materials Management Plans

Our Qualified Person (registered under the CL:AIRE scheme) can develop a Materials Management Plan for the handling and re-use of all site-derived and/or imported materials to ensure that you compley with all relevant regulations.

Green Technology

We design and install a range of ‘green’ technologies including ground source heat pumps and thermal stores. Our Certified Passivhaus Designer also assists architects and designers at all stages in the evolution of a building design to ensure that it meets, or exceeds the Passivhaus standard.