We are one of the very few UK companies able to offer a true “cradle to grave” service in contaminated land assessment/remediation using only our own resources. Whether you want an  initial site audit, a topographic survey, an intrusive ground investigation, a quantitative risk assessment or contaminated land remediation, we are able to help.

Our projects range from sorting out domestic heating oil leaks to investigating and remediating land for Terminal 5, Heathrow. We have investigated well over 3,000 sites in the UK as well as tackling projects in Eastern Europe, Russia, China, St Helena and Israel.

We aim to provide practical, no nonsense advice to all our clients: if you want a consultant to provide endless, jargon-ridden reports that lead nowhere then we aren’t for you; if you want straight answers and simple solutions, then we just might be.

Contact – Email: James Edley   Tel: 01296 739412