UXO Surveys

UXO Survey – London

What Is a UXO Survey?

UXO is an abbrevieation for unexploded ordnance. A UXO survey is an intrusive ground investigation to detect any unexploded ordnace, such as bombs, mortar shells, bullets, mines and artillery shells buried in the ground. These may still pose a risk of detonantion, even though they may have been buried and dormant for decades. Even after 70+ years after WWII, a significant number of these items remain buried in the UK, particularly in areas that were subject to frequent air raids, such as London.

Construction work, particularly excavation and piling, can unexpectedly detonate UXO causing significant damage and possible loss of life. A UXO survey can detect the threat without detonating it so that it can be dealt with in a safe manner.

Do I Need a UXO Survey?

The first stage of any UXO survey is to complete a desk study to assess the potential for UXO to exist at the site. The likelihood is, that if your site is in a major city, then the potential risk is high and an intrusive survey will be recommended.

Barely a month goes by without unexploded bombs being found. Click here to see a typical ‘find’. More generally, CIRIA report that over 15,000 items of ordnance were found in UK construction sites over a period from 2006 to 2009 alone; an average of over 5,000 a year.

What Does a UXO Survey Entail?

Until recently intrusive UXO surveys were both slow and expensive. However, we have developed a rapid, low cost method for carrying out UXO surveys using our Geoprobe Direct Push drilling system. We drive a specially designed probe containing a magnetometer into the ground. This continuously scans the ground beneath and around the probe, giving advance warning of any ferro-magnetic material such as bomb or shell casings.

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