We’re never happy with the status quo. We like to believe that there is always a way of improving what we do. And so we are always striving to innovate, to find new solutions and to provide a better service.

Over the years we have notched up more than our fair share of ‘firsts’. We were the first UK consultancy to use risk based corrective action methods for assessing contamination. We pioneered the use of eductors for removing volatile hydrocarbons from groundwater. We were the first to use hydrofracturing for enhancing groundwater treatment in chalk. We developed a state of the art information management system that ensures we always have access to the most relevant information. We are the only people able to carry out UXO surveys using our inhouse developed drive-in magnetometer system. The list could go on.

While our larger, international competitors sit back and churn out the same old same old, we refuse to sit still.