What We Do

We’d like to think we do pretty much anything to do with the ground. We carry out land surveys or underground utility surveys. We have drill rigs for constructing boreholes and water wells. We can check your site for buried obstructions and for unexploded ordnance. We can install ‘green’ technology such as ground source heat pumps or thermal stores. We can assess ground from an environmental or a geotechnical viewpoint, or both. We can carry out your due diligence if you are buying a property portfolio. We can assess your site for temporary foundations, e.g. for a crane, or we can design permanent foundations, from simple footings to complex piled solutions. We can analyse soil and water samples and we can classify your waste. We can carry out complex, three dimensional modelling of contaminant movements through the ground to see if your site poses a risk to its neighbours. We can clean up contaminated land using a wide range of technologies, some unique to us. And if all else fails and you find yourself in court, we can provide you with an expert witness to advise you on any and all of the above.

In short, if it is ground-related then we can.