Our remediation projects fall into two broad categories:

Site Demolition

Site Clearance

We work with specialist demolition partners to tackle a wide range of site clearance work, including scrap yard clearance, industrial site demolition, decommissioning/demolition of filling stations. Whatever the site, we manage the project from start to finish, either as the CDM Principal Contractor or as a specialist sub-contractor or sub-consultant.


Scrap Yard Clearance

At each site we develop a pragmatic waste management scheme, recycling whatever possible to save money and deliver a more sustainable remedial strategy. Costs are minimised further by our application of in-house developed techniques to characterise the site, compiling 3D contaminant profiles and allow highly targeted excavation.


Soil and Groundwater Remediation

Groundwater Remediation at Filling Station

We also offer the UK’s most comprehensive range of in situ and ex situ soil and groundwater treatment technologies, including air sparging, air stripping dual phase extraction, soil vapour extraction, biopiling, bioslurping, soil washing, chemical injection, free-phase recovery and many more.

Remediation at Major Airport



We have successfully completed well over 100 in situ remediation projects dealing with contaminated sites ranging in size from domestic oil tank leaks up to major airports and we have pioneered the use of techniques such Investigation Optimised Remediation in the UK.

Our clients include major oil companies, airport operators, property developers, regulatory bodies, insurance underwriters/loss adjustors as well as working as a specialist sub-contractor/sub-consultant to other consultants.



Underground Tank Removal

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Skimming Fuel from Excavation