From Scrapyard to Parkland

Subadra have completed the successful transformation of a former scrap yard site into a public open space – on time and under budget.
Subadra, acting as Principal Contractor, have recently completed the investigation, remediation and landscaping of a 0.3ha former scrap yard site in Harmondsworth following an eight week program of works. Following detailed site characterisation works, we devised a remedial strategy comprising the targeted excavation of contaminated soils using GPS surveying equipment. Contamination issues included soils impacted with lead, hydrocarbons and solvents and additional impact of underlying groundwater. We pre-treated excavated soils on site, with over 100tonnes of material reclaimed for re-use on site.

Over 500tonnes of soil required offsite disposal to recycling facilities and an additional 30tonnes of plastic waste and 8tonnes of metal were recovered. Groundwater was treated with in-situ oxygen release compounds. Following remedial works we have completed detailed landscaping of the site, importing over 800tonnes of top soil and foundation materials, meeting the Client’s requirements to return the site to public open space. The site will shortly form part of the larger Harmondsworth Moor parkland complex.

Contract Value: £100-250k