Environment Agency RTM

Every environmental consultant involved in assessing the risk to controlled waters will be familiar with the Environment Agency’s preferred assessment tool, Remedial Targets Methodology Worksheet or RTM for short.

It’s always been our opinion that you would have to try hard to design a less user-friendly piece of software. It is, frankly, a stinker. You might say that we shouldn’t complain since it is provided by the Environment Agency free of charge. But we believe that we can, and should, do better. So we have taken the methodology/models used in RTM and we have built them into a modern, user-friendly application. Key improvements include

– Input parameters read/calculated directly from the project database;

– Runs parametric/sensitivity studies for each model;

– Assesses variation in receptor concentration v time for each model for multiple contaminants;

– Assesses variation in receptor concentration v distance from site for steady state conditions for multiple contaminants;

– Automatically exports results to individual spreadsheets for each contaminant and each set of parameters;

– Automatically creates a detailed pdf report for each model.

If you’d like a copy of our Remedial Targets Methodology software then contact Duncan Eastland.