Out In the Cold

It  certainly feels like autumn today. Both temperatures and leaves are falling; winter is coming!

So it seemed like the perfect time to take our latest set of surveying equipment out on site for a test drive. It may not look much but the TopCon DS103 Robotic Total Station is the very latest in precision survey kit, whether for carrying out topographic surveys prior to scheme design or for setting out on a construction site.

We’d be delighted to discuss any survey requirements you have. Please contact Steven Partridge – 01296 739413

Could this be summer?

Sunny Day on Site

Sometimes it really just isn’t that bad to be on site! Could this be the start of a long, hot summer? We hope so.

Property Portfolio Due Diligence

Subadra has just completed environmental investigations at a portfolio of 25 retail petrol filling station sites on behalf of a major oil company. The project was brought to completion on time and on budget, using a combination of our own drilling equipment, our in-house UKAS accredited laboratory and reported by our highly experienced consultants.

Contract Value: £100-200k

Tight Deadlines?

Tight Acquisition Deadline?

Sometimes you need a detailed ground investigation with large numbers of boreholes, utilising a variety of different investigation tools (drill rigs, plate bearing tests, pile probing etc), with data collected and assimilated over a period of days or even weeks, that delivers a detailed description of site geology and provides a well defined contaminant delineation.We can do this for you.

However, sometimes you need a basic no frills contamination survey that is both cost effective and done on a very fast turnaround.Here at Subadra we own and operate our own survey team, drill rigs, chemical analysis laboratory in addition to our team of highly skilled geotechnical and environmental consultants that are responsible for collating, assessing and the reporting the data we produce. This means we can carry out high quality, cost effective Phase One and Two contamination surveys within days.This service proves invaluable for may of out clients who are always on the lookout to purchase new sites to add to their portfolio and don’t want to lose out on a lucrative deal or, perhaps worse, get caught out by discovering contamination issues after the site has been purchased.

We recently carried out a survey at a filling station site in Hampshire that was instructed on a Friday at 4pm and we had carried out a below ground utilities survey, borehole investigation, groundwater monitoring and sampling, all analysis and data reported to the client by the following Thursday. Now how does that compare with the service you currently receive from your consultant?
Contract value: £4.5k

SPOSH? POSH? What’s in an Acronym?

Drilling with Terrier

SPOSH? POSH? (insert baffling acronym of your choice here). Sometimes our industry really makes a meal of what should be a simple process. How do you determine if a site is contaminated or not? We think the answer is simple: do a decent site investigation!

We have recently been working at site that proved to be a classic example of a ‘cheap’ site investigation saving nothing. The original investigation was carried out by others four years ago. After many other consultants were hired but failed to provide any clear answers (or any answers at all) we were commissioned to break the impasse.

We constructed 180 boreholes on a 5m grid using one of our dynamic sampling rigs. Boreholes and sampling locations were surveyed using GPS allowing us to develop a 3D contaminant profile of the site. Finally
sufficient information is now available to allow our client to make sensible decisions regarding future use and/or remedial strategy for the site. All this without resorting to any obscure and baffling acronyms.

CBR Testing for Highways

Our geotechnical site  teams have been kept busy this month carrying out in situ CBR testing for a major road development project in Essex. We have tested the density of the sub-base along the length of the highway extension, with each test accurately located using our Leica TotalStation surveying equipment.

Contract Value: <£10k.

For further information go to : CBR Testing or contact Duncan Eastland – 01296 739431