Subadra Partner with River Thame Conservation Trust

River Thame Wetlands

River Thame Conservation Trust and Freshwater Habitats Trust, along with their partners Waddesdon Estate and the Environment Agency, are creating an exciting wetland mosaic on the floodplain of the River Thame, close to our offices in Stoke Mandeville.

They contacted us to ask for our help drilling boreholes and installing groundwater monitoring wells to investigate the underlying geology and hydrogeology of the site. After hearing about the positive impact that the project will have on the local wildlife, we offered to provide a drill crew for the day free of charge.

We know that worthwhile projects like these rely on the goodwill of local people and organisations to make them happen and we’re really happy to have been able to play our part. Despite the hailstones and mud (really, lots and lots of mud – they don’t call them wetlands for nothing) everyone had a worthwhile and fun day.

We look forward to visiting the new wetland when it’s been completed ….but perhaps we will wait until the weather has improved.

Water water everywhere….

Something is stirring deep in the Cotswolds….

It may not be quite as lucrative as hitting black gold, but it’s still mighty satisfying to ‘strike’ water as we successfully carry out another water well installation for a private client.

Our Comacchio rig drilled through nearly 40m of clay and limestone in around 4 hours before reaching a productive aquifer. Once we’ve finished installing the well casing and pump, the high quality water it produces will be used to supply an ‘eco-house’ being constructed on the site.

If you are interested in having your own water well installed then please contact Duncan Eastland – 01296 739431 – for more information.

A Week in the Life…..

Canopy Lift in Progress
Canopy Lift in Progress

No-one can say that our workload isn’t varied. Last week one of our drilling crews completed the following schedule:
Monday – Geotechnical investigation including U100 sampling and SPT testing with our Terrier drill rig;
Tuesday – Water well installation using rotary rock roller with our Commachio 205;
Wednesday – Environmental investigation at a filling station using hollow stem augering, again with our Comacchio 205, while a new canopy was being installed;
Thursday and Friday – Deep water well installation using down the hole hammer to penetrate into a limestone aquifer.
We love a bit of variety in life and this week has proved it so. Time for a rest…….next week looks busy………


Free Water Supply?

Water Well Drilling
Water Well Drilling

We’ve recently completed construction  of a water well to supply a popular car wash facility in the Swindon area.

Working closely with the main contractor, our careful pre-planning enabled us to install a 40m deep water well in challenging geological conditions, requiring 25m of retrievable casing to be used, all without affecting the site’s redevelopment programme.

On-going site contamination issues dictated that the borehole construction had to be professionally approved and tested before use. But the results of the post-development pump testing confirmed the well would supply a clean water yield in excess of the client’s requirements.

The savings in water supply costs for our client equates to a significant increase in their future profits. What difference would a free supply of 20,000 litres of water a day make to your business?

Contact: Angus Gale Tel: 01296 739471

There Has Never Been a Better Time…

….to get your own water well. The BBC reports today that energy and water bills are set to rise for the next 17 years so it makes ever more economic sense to have your own private water well installed. Subadra offer a ‘turnkey’ solution, dealing with everything from the initial (free) hydrogeological appraisal, applications and permits to drilling the well, installing the pump and connecting to your existing water supply. If you would like to know more please contact Duncan Eastland.

Out on the Wiley, Windy Moors

Drilling in the Rain

December saw us out in the middle of Dartmoor drilling water wells. Frail insfrastucture and maintenance issues  had driven one Devonian farmer to drinking water distraction. The water well supplying their property was a shared supply and each year they were expected to contribute to the maintenance of the lengthy, unreliable water pipe. We were commissioned to design and install a new well to serve just their property, together with all associated pipework, electrics, buffer tank etc as a ‘turnkey’ package.

We used modern installation techniques and our Comacchio drill rig, capable of drilling in excess of 100m, to construct a 46m deep borehole lined with a modern PVC screen, a graded filter pack, cattleproof/watertight inspection chamber, ducting into the property, cabling, pipe work, pressure vessel, on demand water flow controls, piped into the existing supply and insultated against the hardest frost. All  works were completed in only four days.

If you’d like to know more about our water well installation service or would like a quote for your own water supply, please call Duncan Eastland (Tel. 01296 739431).


Beating the Hosepipe Ban

We’ve installed thousands of groundwater wells in our time, although admittedly the
water we pump from them is usually contaminated and in need of treatment! We have
recently been contacted by a concerned gardener in the Thames Valley, worrying about
water supplies this summer. We used one of our rotary drilling rigs to install a 12m deep
groundwater well for irrigation purposes, installing the required pump and pipework as part of the contract. Our rotary auger rig only needs a metre wide access, making it ideal for accessing garden areas. Our drillers also prefer working on a site where tea and cakes are on offer!