Testing for Water in Fuel

Recent changes have seen the introduction of ethanol as a fuel additive. However ethanol (and bio-ethanol) are able to absorb water and this can give rise to corrosion issues at fuel storage sites such as filling stations, fuel depots etc. Our UKAS and MCerts accreditted laboratory is now able to test samples of fuel (petrol, diesel, jetA1 etc) for dissolved water content using the Karl Fischer titration method. The test is accurate down to 1 part water per million parts fuel with results available within 2 working days of us receiving the sample. Please contact Duncan Eastland – 01296 739431 – for further information or to arrange for sample testing.

From Scrapyard to Parkland

Subadra have completed the successful transformation of a former scrap yard site into a public open space – on time and under budget.
Subadra, acting as Principal Contractor, have recently completed the investigation, remediation and landscaping of a 0.3ha former scrap yard site in Harmondsworth following an eight week program of works. Following detailed site characterisation works, we devised a remedial strategy comprising the targeted excavation of contaminated soils using GPS surveying equipment. Contamination issues included soils impacted with lead, hydrocarbons and solvents and additional impact of underlying groundwater. We pre-treated excavated soils on site, with over 100tonnes of material reclaimed for re-use on site.

Over 500tonnes of soil required offsite disposal to recycling facilities and an additional 30tonnes of plastic waste and 8tonnes of metal were recovered. Groundwater was treated with in-situ oxygen release compounds. Following remedial works we have completed detailed landscaping of the site, importing over 800tonnes of top soil and foundation materials, meeting the Client’s requirements to return the site to public open space. The site will shortly form part of the larger Harmondsworth Moor parkland complex.

Contract Value: £100-250k

A Pig Ate Our Drill Rig Keys. Seriously!

It’s not every day we are asked to carry out a geotechnical investigation in a field full of 250lbs pigs. Initially inquisitive the pigs soon got bored and left us in peace to carry out our SPT testing using our DandoTerrier drilling system. By the end of the day our drill team were left with just one particularly friendly sow with a fondness for shiny metal objects. In fact, she liked them so much that she ate our drill rig’s keys while our backs were turned. Now that made for an interesting incident report!

The data obtained during our investigation is currently being used assist in the design of foundations for a new motorway service area. The presence of highly weathered, putty chalk (we’re talking toothpaste) means piling will be required. Contract value: <£5k

Return to the South Atlantic

Subadra have been appointed to construct a series of groundwater abstraction wells on St Helena island.  The trip, planned for early 2012, will be our third to the island, one of the remotest spots on Earth. We will be mobilising around 5 tonnes of equipment to the island to facilitate the works.

Lab passes UKAS audit

Our lab has completed its annual UKAS audit, passing with flying colours. This year UKAS decided to spring a surprise visit, arriving unannounced a month earlier than expected. Despite this they found that everything to be in good order and have confirmed that our accreditation has been extended for another year.

CBR Testing for Highways

Our geotechnical site  teams have been kept busy this month carrying out in situ CBR testing for a major road development project in Essex. We have tested the density of the sub-base along the length of the highway extension, with each test accurately located using our Leica TotalStation surveying equipment.

Contract Value: <£10k.

For further information go to : CBR Testing or contact Duncan Eastland – 01296 739431

Kate Clark Joins Subadra

We’re very pleased to announce that Kate Clark has now joined us as our Laboratory Manager. Kate has previously been working in British Columbia for a similar company to us. She has extensive experience of all the analytical techniques we currently employ plus a few more.

Listed Georgian Vault Reconstructed

Subadra have completed the reconstruction of a Grade II Listed coal vault in Marylebone, London. The vault, which supported the pavement above, had partially collapsed and was unsafe. Working from pavement level, we removed the damaged masonry and replaced it with an enlarged reinforced concrete structure, turning what had been an unuseable space into a fully serviced utility room for the client. We carried out the Planning and Listed Building applications, foundation and structural design, as well as all demolition and construction work.

Contract Value: £25-50k.

Royal Botanic Gardens Appoints Subadra

Royal Botanic Gardens have appointed us to construct, install and commission a new semi-buried oil storage facility for the Millenium Seed Bank, Wakehurst Place. The design calls for excavation of a hillside and construction of retaining walls to recess the tank farm and hide it from public view. A key component of our winning bid was our redesign the retaining structures to make them cheaper to build while preserving structural integrity.

Contract Value £50-100k.

St Helena Revisited

We have successfully completed our second project on St Helena. Located in the South Atlantic and accessible only by ship, St Helena is one of the remotest spots on earth. At the start of April, we mobilised a two man team and over five tonnes of drilling equipment to the island to construct a series of deep water wells to supply potable water for the airport, planned to be constructed next year. Subsequent testing has confirmed that our wells are capable of yielding 250,000litres/day of high quality water.

Contract Value £50-100k.