Plate Bearing Tests for Wind Turbines

Concrete Base for Turbine Tower

SSE Renewables, in partnership with the Port of Tilbury, is installing four wind turbines at Tilbury Port in Essex.  The project is currently under construction. Once complete, their wind power will provide 50% of the Port’s energy needs. But late on Wednesday the project ran into problems. No plate bearing tests had been carried out to assess the stability of the outriggers of the giant crane that would lift the turbine nacelle and blades into place. We were contacted at 1pm the following day and were on site within 2 hours. We completed plate bearing tests at each crane location and by the time we left site at 8.30pm the first crane was moving into position, the project back on track.

For more information or to arrange plate bearing testing, please contact Duncan Eastland Tel. 01296 739431