Time to Get Your Own Water Supply?

The draught conditions forecast for southern counties may result in restrictions in water usage by car wash operators. The first step to ensure your car wash operations are not jeopardised is to find ways of reducing water useage. This can be as simple as installing car wash systems with water recycling. However, this could be the opportunity to secure your own water supply in the form of a groundwater abstraction borehole. Abstraction boreholes are relatively cheap to install and can provide all the water you require for your car wash. So not only can an abstraction borehole reduce the potential for downtime during water shortages, but life cycle analysis shows that the payback period is relatively short.
If you’re thinking about installing your own groundwater abstraction well, then we can help you every step of the way, from initial feasability appraisal through to final installation and connection of your well.
We have recently completed feasibility studies for several of the Top 50 Independent forecourt operators and have installed groundwater pumping wells at dozens of sites across the UK and  as far afield as St Helena in the South Atlantic. For further information contact James Edley on 01296 739412.