Remediation Following Filling Station Fuel Leak

It’s not often that we post anything about our remediation projects. Mostly this is because they are often covered by confidentiality agreements and sometimes because they are too complex to be neatly summarised in a few paragraphs. So it’s nice to be able to report the successful completion of a remediation project at a filling station site in London. Over the Christmas holiday one of the tanks at the site was found to be leaking. The site is located in a very sensitive area environmentally: in a source protection zone and directly above London’s chalk aquifer. Despite the holiday festivities, we were able to mobilise a drilling team to the site. Our investigation quickly delineated the contaminated soil, with our in-house laboratory reporting their analysis results within 48 hours of sampling. This in turn meant we were able to excavate and treat the soil before the leaked fuel had a chance to penetrate to the underlying aquifer, saving our client from having to carry out a costly and time consuming groundwater treatment.

Contract Value £10-20k